Space tourism is closer than ever. Humans communicate with a couple taps of the thumb and anyone can shop without leaving the comfort of their home. It looks like the future is closer than ever. We’re throwing a futuristic party to celebrate.

Pack your flashy, metallic garb and get ready to party! The Circles Conference afterparty will take place at Brik Venue, with a host of LED lights to make you feel as if your bathing in stars. A panoramic view of the Fort Worth cityscape will light up the evening.

Fresh Ideas

Get Creative.
Win Prizes.

To inspire creativity, we’re giving away a pair of special prizes to those with stunning, futuristic outfits. The two best dressed, one man and one woman, will take home a new Amazon Echo from our friends at FLYWHEEL

Alexa Alexa

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Don't miss out on all the fun. Circles is pretty much sold out! Purchase your pass today and get 10% off a main pass and workshop class with code FLYWHEEL.

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